Reimagine a title sequence & Network package for a preexisting TV show.

*Note: All assets pictured above were made specifically for this project, with designed based off the original show props. The sole exception is the silhouetted figure in the opening shot, which was temporarily alleviated from a friend's tabletop campaign.

Filming, Editing & Props: Scy Mot

Pyrotechnic Assistance: Holly C.

Camera Setup & Assistance: Kaylee Eileen



                                                                                                                           Guest Star: Holly's Hand!

                                                                                                                           Guest Star: Holly's Hand!

Fun fact! The was the first time I'd ever been behind a camera. Or worked with fire. It seemed like a good idea to do a few tests before the actual title board got introduced to the flames...

This was the board the weaponry was laser cut out of. On the left you can see the various outlines of the sword parts, including the blade hilt & handle. The odd succession of shapes on the right are from a previous collaboration with Elise Mesnard of Oakthorn Studios. To learn more about that project, check out the '3D & Laser Prints' tab in the navigation menu.

As it turns out, fire is very temperamental. We tried a variety of methods to get the effect I was after, from newspaper, to Spanish Moss to good old fashioned torching it.


In the end, a healthy dose of lighter fluid & some trial-and-error start points got the job done.

                                                                                                                                       Flame ON!

Asset Creation:

Set lasers to activate! (Some mileage may vary)

Set lasers to activate! (Some mileage may vary)

Special thanks to Holly C for her assistance as an impromptu pyrotechnician,

Kaylee Eileen for her help with photography, shot setup & lending her camera

& Nicholas S. for his figurine donation.