Develop an infographic around the idea of 'Wayfaring'.




There will come a day in your life, when your mind is seized with an idea.

It starts as a small one, and then moves out.

It catches a picture from a book; A post from a profile; A snatch of your aunt’s conversation

And all of a sudden, you have this strange & terrible feeling you need to be...
somewhere else.

They have a word for this now, they call it: ‘Wayfaring’.
And what it means, my dear wanderer

Is there is a world out there
so full of possibilities
and people
and places
and discoveries

that to simply stay around the exact same location into which you were born,
in the same 20 square miles,
with the same 20 square people

is a disservice to the brilliance of the world around you.

And you, young adventurer,
have just realized everything you might be missing.