Create boards for a promotional piece for an existing film or music festival

Model: Justin Armstrong

The Sundance film festival is held every year in the iconic Salt Lake City. It began in August, 1978, with the goal of showcasing strictly American-made films, increasing the accessibility of cinema in Utah & highlighting the potential for independent films. Though the festival now shows movies form all over the world, it has maintained its other two principles, and has grown to achieve international reputation & acclaim

Sundance Redux2.jpg

Distilling the 'essence' of the festival: to uncover new, unexpected things, to shed light on unfamiliar terrain, to explore, to discover, and to do it all while experiencing the beauty of the local landscape (the mountainous-clad Salt Lake Valley). I wanted to create a piece that would take the viewer on a journey through an unfamiliar territory, turning the unknown gamble of independent films into an underground of gem-studded caves, and ultimately lead them to find their own diamond in the rough.