S e r v i c e   D e s i g n

What is Service Design?

If you asked 10 different Service Designers to describe what they do for a living, you would likely get 10 different answers, and not necessarily be any closer to a true definition.
In fact Service Design has been around for quite awhile, under all sorts of different names: resource managers, campaign leaders, strategists, consultants, head designers. They have been responsible for a variety of different tasks across dozens of fields, but remain united under one common principal:
Service Designers are Problem Solvers.
We are trained to recognize problems, to gather data, to brainstorm solutions, to check our facts, and to present, develop and apply our findings eloquently, succinctly & successfully. We interview, we analyze, we consult, and confirm, and we accomplish. We have an extensive toolkit which allows us to approach and overcome any scenario.
We are Design Thinkers, and we are Design Doers, and we are here to help you be your best.

C a m p a i g n s

2nd Hand Supplies:

A collaboration with Goodwill Industries of the Coastal Empire to increase revenue & decrease waste in the local community by utilizing a previously untapped demographic.